sexta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2012

Em um Pub Irlandes...

- One pint of Guinness and one short.
- Rigth. Just it?
- No. I want... a Desert.
- What?
- This here. Chocolate...
- Ah... Ha, ha, ha. Desserts! Very cold for a Desert.
- Ha ha ha... Yes.
- Where your from?
- Brasil.
- Brazil! Great Football.
- Hum... Not any more.
- True... Spain is better now.
- *Sigh...* But it's a great Country.
- Off course. Great beach, women and drinks.
- Here too. Great Beer.
- No... not in London. The best beer is from my land. Irish! hehehe
- Hehehe. Thanks man.
- Thank you fella.